Hi!  I’m Rachel.  Over the past few years my husband Matt and I have been traveling down a path to more, well, simplicity.  It wasn’t intentional, we just wanted to know WHY things were the way they were, WHAT is in everything, and armed with that knowledge, we tried to figure out how to do things our way–a simpler way.

For example, after reading Nourishing Traditions by Dr. Sally Fallon, we learned a whole ton about food/nutrition/cooking, which helped us become smarter food-consumers.  It also led to us realize that most real, nourishing, simple food is made at home, and doesn’t have HFCS, “natural flavorings” (a.k.a. MSG), or other ingredients we can’t pronounce.

So other than food, we believe in simple gardens that are self-sustaining and thrive without fertilizers or insecticides, simple traveling that doesn’t involve being glued to a guidebook as the sights pass by, simple photography that trains you to be a better photographer without a ton of equipment, simple consumerism that reduces the amount of “stuff” you don’t need and typically end up throwing away, simple cleaning for house an body that uses homemade non-toxic items…and the list goes on.  Join us as we discover new ways for living life In the Simple Lane.